2016. december 27., kedd

Summer Garden for Sims4

Summer Garden - Sims4 version
(no custom content, no moveobjects)

My Summer Garden I had built for Sims3 passed 100.000 downloads,
so to celebrate this achievement, I decided to create the Sims4 version of it.
I tried to re-create the feel of it as much as I could, I hope you like it.

Fully furnished and decorated comfortable family home.
 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, open living-dining-kitchen, kids' livingroom upstairs, office,
indoor/outdoor pool, fitness and wellness areas with sauna.
Beautiful garden with pool, hot-tub, barbeque and outdoor activities.

No custom content and no moveobjects cheat were used.
Used expansions/stuff- and gamepacks up to Backyard Stuff.

Available in my gallery: ID #imoger

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