2012. június 29., péntek

Summer Garden

(no custom content)

Download from the exchange:

Fully furnished and decorated comfortable family home
with modern mediterranean style.
Useable for several kid-ages and genders.
5bedrooms + nursery, 3,5 bathrooms, open living/dining areas,
office, laundry, garage for 2 cars, +1 parking space outside.
Master bedroom/bathroom on the 1st floor, colourful kid-paradise
on the 2nd floor with living/playing-area and bedrooms for different
ages/genders from the smallest to young adults:
nursery (for 2), girls-room (for 2), boys-room (for 2), teen girl (for 1),
teen boy (for 2), so as kids grow they can move in another room.
Beautiful flower-garden with barbecue, pool, spa, playground and mini-golf.

No custom content (custard checked), and tested in game!
Everything upgraded unbreakable or self-cleaning, the value/price
of the house is fully depreciated, so costs less simoleons.

To solve the 'floating plants'-effect, when 1st time you play with this lot
enter build-mode, then return to the game: press F3 then F1.

or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

This is my 2nd build made for DNA-request.
This lot was build in Hidden Springs,
but would look great in Starlight Shores or other worlds too.
I wanted to made it as a pair of my Summer Breeze-lot.

I used 23 pay and 3 free store items, most of them are decoration.
The list on the download-page shows them fine,
plus there are 3 un-listed:
WA-registration reward dining-table
Hacienda Luxury: Desert Oasis Vase
King of Cambodia: window covering

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  1. Gorgeous house as always, sweetie - I really like the shape of this house and the perfect landscaping:) Already rec'd.

  2. Thank you very much for the kind comments, Wibs and BeAz! I'm glad you like it! :)