2014. augusztus 2., szombat

Nyah Bosede

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If someone remember my Bosede-family I created years ago,
the little Nyah grown up and became a pretty lady.

She was in my sim-bin since 2 years, and today I thought
it's time to see if I'm still able to use Sims3-CAS
Actually it was not that easy after using the Sims4 CAS-tool.
But the countless choices between hairs, clothes, colours, patterns etc.
that's priceless. Except the long waiting times. 

Sims3-store content:

Katy Perry ST appears on the download page, but nothing used on the sim,
it's there because of the random clothing the CAS offers, and the page 'remembers' them.

2 megjegyzés:

  1. she is sooo beautiful ♥ big hugs my dear Ildi and thank you for visit me ♥ have fun ♥

  2. Very beautiful ♥ I wish you a wonderful weekend my dear Ildi ♥ Hugs