2012. december 5., szerda

Aspen Valley

(no custom content - no store)

Download from the Exchange:

Fully furnished and decorated comfortable family home
with modern interiors. 3 bedrooms, 4,5 bathrooms.
Open-above living area, kitchen with bar/breakfast nook,
diningroom, mastersuit with walk-in-closet.
Kidsroom and nursery with own bathrooms,
and game-room on the 2nd floor.
Garage with hobby- and excercise items, laundry.
Garden with pool, spa, barbecue, golf and small playground,
cute dog-house with own garden.

No custom content! No Store-items! Tested in game.
All appliances upgraded to unbreakable or fireproof.

Created for a DNA-request. (requested inspiration picture)

or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

Built for Sunset Valley, the lot placed on the beach
with deleting an original house(hold), and palm-trees replaced
with aspen trees in Edit Town-mode.
Changing back the palm-trees makes this house fit with my

2012. október 27., szombat

Sunshine Terrace

(no custom content)

Fully furnished and decorated modern 'high-end resort'-style home.
2 bedrooms with corner-bathtubs included, 3,5 bathrooms, laundry and

an additional apartment in the basement for a butler or for 2 more sims.
Large entertainment and recreation area: bar, wine-cellar with nectar-maker,
pool-table, sauna, massage, gym, concert-room,
and nearly all hobbies represented.
Stylish garden with barbecue, pool, spa, bar and golf.

All appliances upgraded unbreakable,
the price is depreciated, so cost less simoleons.
No custom content, and tested in the game.
Store content were used, but most of them easily re-placeable

with similar furnitures I left around the the house
(in the basement-apartment and in the 'yellow' bedroom).

or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

Originally built in (and for) Lucky Palms, but for making it fit it in
any other worlds, I removed it to Hidden Springs to finish the landscaping.
The conception was to make a bit desert-like front-view, and
a more exotic style in the backyard for the 'guests' to enjoy the luxury.
The butler's apartment was built with the same thought, but of course
it can be use for any other sim(s), or if you'd like to play with a family,
it can be turn for kids' needs - they even can have play area
instead of the kitchen/living.

List of the used store-items:

Futureshock Bedroom: Cyber Creeping Vine    
Futureshock Kitchen: Alpha Amplitude Dishwasher, Resonant Ice Receptacle, Flux Flora,

Cosmic Culinary Range, Capacitor Island, Capacitor Counter, Capacitor Cabinet
Futureshock Living: Replicated Reflection,
BahHaus: Abstract by BahHaus    
Collectionne Stancke: Everybody Vauntz, Tuco Table, The Modernist's Dresser
Ultra Lounge: Cushy Cushion Chair, Cushy Cushion Loveseat, Elegant Swirls Lite,

Elegant Swirls Wide, L4 Bookshelf, Exclamation Point, Monte's Dresser
Haute Hip: Haute Hip Curtain Collection V.1, Haute Hip Curtain Collection V.2,
Mid-Century Living: Forever Living Plant    
Mid-Century Dining: Plant Pocket, Fab Ficus
Mid-Century Modern Bathroom: Wall Mount Towel Stackomatic
Sunlit Tides: Steam-It-Up Sauna,
Serenity Retreat: Infinite Zen Massage Table, Bird of Paradise, Swiss Cheese Plant
Lucky Palms: Yucca Plant without Blossoms, Yucca Plant with Blossoms, Weather Blocker,

Contemporary Curtains by Dave, The Wong Way Bistro Table, The Wong Way Bistro Chair
Las Vegas Bedroom: Spades in Sight Desk
Luxe Lounge Spa: Rock All Night
Luxury Spa Set: Polished Pebbles Mirror
Zen Again: Spa Necessities    
Hewnsman: Serious Artist's Easel
Japanese Inspired Modern Compillation: Yang Modern Chair, Japanese Inspired Artwork
Kingdom of Cambodia Bedr: See a Little Light Window Covering, Look Out from Within Window
Gothic Glamour Home Office: Ataxophobia Away Bookcase

2012. szeptember 29., szombat

Villa Palma

(no custom content)

Download from the Exchange:

Fully furnished and decorated luxury villa
with modern mediterranean interiors.
4 bedrooms, 5+ bathrooms, livingroom,
open kitchen/dining/family-room, office, garage, hobby-areas.
Master bedroom with connected zen-room.
Beautiful garden with pool, barbecue-area and many outdoor activities.

No custom content and tested in game.
All appliances upgraded to unbreakable, the price is fully depreciated.
Created for a DNA-request.

or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

See the requested inspiration-pic here:
Originally was build in Hidden Springs, but it would look great in other
tropic/mediterranean worlds too, like Starlight Shores or Sunlit Tides.

I created a small area with a fire-pit, which can turn into a sauna-place if you'd like,
or with removing the lounge-chairs from the zen-room, the sauna can go there too.
There's an empty spot for the climbing-wall too (it was requested),
it's at the right side fence - a path leads there.

There's a radio on the 2nd floor - close to the spiral-chair,
hidden inside the 3-tile wide flower-deco under the windows,
it's the "rock"-one, and I recoloured it green, so a bit hard to see.
I didn't like the look of any electronics there, but I wanted to put
something like this there too for the requester,
who doesn't like the excercise-machines/gym.

I hope you will find this lot not only pretty, but comfortable to play.
Although it's a large house, but I always take extra care
to avoid items to hide each other, makes things uncomfortable to access.
Sometimes it's not always possible, but I try to make it as less as I can,
even with giving up my plans with the design.
Most of my houses' recommended gameplay-view is from the backyard.

List of the used store items:

Contemporary Comfort Bedroom: Porterman Glass Doors
Ultra Lounge: Orchids of Many; Cushy Cushion Loveseat;
ULounge Kitchen: Ultra Lounge Trash Compactor; “Best for Chefs” Dishwasher
Mid-Century Fantasy: In Orbit Blinds; Starburst Clock (free)
Jazz Age: The Dramatic Palm; Ritzy Taste Coffee Table
Futureshock Bedroom: C yber Creeping Vine
Futureshock Kitchen: Flux Flora
Haute Hacienda: Artful Adobe Arched Window
Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom: See a Little Light Window Covering
India Inspired Bedroom: Eri Silk Drapes
Asian Fusion: Potted Orchids Divine
Japanese Inspired Living: Japanese Inspired Artwork
Zen Again: Eastern Ambiance Wall Lamp
Bonsai tree (it was free to download in-game formerly)
Hollywood Regency Den: Narcissa Mirror; Le Ecoute Moderne Chess Table
Hollywood Regency Arcade (
Muse Luxury: That's my Dame Table Sculpture; Artemis Temple Frieze;

Dionysus Sofa; Grecian Chair
Olympian Physique (items)
Luxe Lounge Spa: Lazy Sim Sofa Table; Futuristic Comfort loungechair
Luxury Spa: Beauty Revealed Armoir; Not Quite Water Wave Bed; Mounted Fireplace

 Indulgent Living: Zirconium Chandelier
Club Vaindenburger: VDB Overhead Cabinet
Bah-haus: Immaculate window
Let There be Sims: Beautiful Forest by Pigula Photography (free)
Sun, Surf and Sand: Getaway Dining Chair, Simple Beach Chair, Love Seat Retreat
Bayside: Vorn Sink


(no custom content)

Download from the Exchange:

Imani, Anan, Kato and Nyah Bosede - African family.
Created for a DNA-request.

The download page seems a bit messed with the used items info.
I didn't use the two child clothes from the Cirque-set which listed there!
I didn't use the listed Supernatural EP and Fast Lane SP either!

Used EPs/SPs:
World Adventures, Late Night, Generations,
High End Loft, Outdoor Living

I used traits and life time wishes mainly from the base game,
only one trait and one LTW from WA (at Kato)
and one trait from Generations (Imani).

2012. augusztus 14., kedd

Eryn Sparkle, a fairy-like sim

(no custom content)

Download from the Exchange:

Eryn is a fairy - slightly inspired by Tinkerbell.
Created for a kind friend's birthday
No custom content!

If you don't own Master Suite, choose a hairstyle with similar bangs,
because to get a bit fairy-effect, I moved her face lower than usual.


Welcome, Baby!

(no custom content)

Download from the Exchange:

Small park to welcome the newborn baby.
Chat or enjoy a delicious meal with the family and friends,
and let the kids entertain themselves on the small playground.
Don't forget to pick your shark-candy-gift before you go!
No custom content.

or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

2012. június 29., péntek

Summer Garden

(no custom content)

Download from the exchange:

Fully furnished and decorated comfortable family home
with modern mediterranean style.
Useable for several kid-ages and genders.
5bedrooms + nursery, 3,5 bathrooms, open living/dining areas,
office, laundry, garage for 2 cars, +1 parking space outside.
Master bedroom/bathroom on the 1st floor, colourful kid-paradise
on the 2nd floor with living/playing-area and bedrooms for different
ages/genders from the smallest to young adults:
nursery (for 2), girls-room (for 2), boys-room (for 2), teen girl (for 1),
teen boy (for 2), so as kids grow they can move in another room.
Beautiful flower-garden with barbecue, pool, spa, playground and mini-golf.

No custom content (custard checked), and tested in game!
Everything upgraded unbreakable or self-cleaning, the value/price
of the house is fully depreciated, so costs less simoleons.

To solve the 'floating plants'-effect, when 1st time you play with this lot
enter build-mode, then return to the game: press F3 then F1.

or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

This is my 2nd build made for DNA-request.
This lot was build in Hidden Springs,
but would look great in Starlight Shores or other worlds too.
I wanted to made it as a pair of my Summer Breeze-lot.

I used 23 pay and 3 free store items, most of them are decoration.
The list on the download-page shows them fine,
plus there are 3 un-listed:
WA-registration reward dining-table
Hacienda Luxury: Desert Oasis Vase
King of Cambodia: window covering

2012. május 1., kedd

Danna Mishra

(no custom content)

Download from the Exchange:

Sims3Store content:
Simply Stunning Maang Tikka
Jeweled Eye Maang Tikka
Indo-Western Chic Set
Traditional Summer Sari

The original upload image is so cute:

2012. április 23., hétfő

Summer Breeze

(no custom content)

Download from the Exchange:

Fully furnished/decorated luxury family home with modern interiors.
4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, office, laundry, garage (with gym)
and outdoor parking spaces. Kids' living-areas on the 2nd floor
with a play- and a game-room. Beautiful garden with pool, spa,
barbecue, playground and a little free space to play with balls.
All appliances upgraded unbreakable.
No custom content and tested in game with a full family.
or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

This is my first lot I built for a DNA-Team-request.
This lot was built in Hidden Springs, but when the requester told me,
that she wants to play with it in Starlight Shores, I tried to make it
fit there too - so this is the reason for the palms.

Most pictures were made in Hidden Springs, but the end of the post
I added Starlight Shores-screenshots too to see, how it will look there.

I don't like the lights and the basic landscaping colours in Starlight Shores,
so I fully painted the floor with the best looking grass terrainpaint
(4th one from World Adventures), and I think, the garden design
is also recommend this.

2012. április 13., péntek

Pretty Woman Salon

(no custom content)

Download from the Exchange:

Stay in style in this elegant salon, which is not only a boutique,
if offers everything your sims desire to renew themselves:
beauty salon, solarium, manicure, styling station, pool, spa, tattoo,
gym, sauna, gift shop, hairdresser, babysitting, café and more.

No custom content, some sims3store items were used.
Created for a contest. Built in Sunset Valley, close to the sea.
 Based on my Mall-WIP's French-boutique.

or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)


2012. március 31., szombat


(no custom content)

Download from the Exchange:

Fully furnished and decorated modern wood-cabin -
a living-breathing house, was built with using natural materials
and many plants in and outside. A comfortable
family home, but also a great place to make parties.

Open living areas, 4 bedrooms, 4+2 bathrooms, nursery, office,
sauna, terraces. Hobby area with gym, laundry
and a little apartment in the basement.
Garden with spa- and barbecue-areas, pool, playground and pond.

No custom content! Tested in game.
EP's/SP's and Store items were used, some of them
highly recommended for the same MOO-effect.


or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

This was the very first lot I built in sims3 (using only
the base game and WA). I decided to re-decorate it because of
some earlier used custom patterns. I didn't changed the architecture
and the exterior colours, only some windows found new place
which was neccessary for the new interior. Also added a basement.
I really think that this is my best work at this point,
I worked on it for about 3 months.

There are some things which can make the sim-life easier:
I used the buydebug trashcan on all levels, the basement and the
barbecue area also has nearly fully functional kitchen possibilities.
There are many bathrooms around the house, also a sauna
which I loved in the sims2 - I minimalized the useless space for it,
but it connected directly to the spa-area, so your sims can reach
the bathroom from there easily.
You can add the Party FFX-machine to the sauna,

as you can see it at my Holiday Retreat-lot.

There are much place in the basement and garden for hobbies.
I made a simple replica of the Fountain of Youth,
you can change it for the real one if you wish.
The burglar-alarm is on the outside wall too, it will warn
immediately when the burglar enter the lot.

Thanks to svlyn for the name.
It means 'house at the lake/sea'.
The lot placed to Hidden Springs close to the lake.