2013. augusztus 22., csütörtök

William Fratt

(no custom content)


 Created for a DNA-request,
as a friendly and cute looking everyday asian person.

Base game only, although the download-page
shows other EP/SP as used

Sims3-store content:
Riddled Waves Front

2013. július 14., vasárnap

Tropical Garden

(no custom content)

Fully furnished and decorated modern tropical villa.
3 bedrooms, 3,5 bathrooms. Large kitchen/dining with office-nook,
living area with bar and 1,5 bathrooms on the 1st floor.
Family room, mastersuite, sauna, laundry on the 2nd floor.
Relaxing garden with seatings, bar, barbecue, pool, spa, hobby-nook,
outdoor shower and other activies. Garage and parking spots for 4 cars.
No custom content, playtested, upgraded.

with all the large pictures
or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

The item-label on the download page misses the stuff-packs: I used Fast Lane, HELS, Town Life, Outdoor Living, Master Suite and the 70-80-90's stuff-pack. (so all except the Katy Perry ST and Diesel)

Sims3Store content:

Lucky Palms: Clearstory Rectangular Window, Clearstory 3-Tier Window,
The Wong Way Bistro Chair, Contemporary Curtains by Dave
Sunlit Tides: Sauna, Paradise Retreat Canopy Bed, Coastal Blooms,
Tropical Coconut Palm, Frangipani, Jungle Brush, Tropical Water Lily Light
Serenity Retreat: The Clever Curtain, Bird of Paradise, Keep Me Clean Outdoor Shower,
Al Fresco street market: Beautiful Bougainvillea
Olympian Phisique: Greek Window
BahHaus: Intrinsic Windows by BahHaus, BahHaus Window, BahHaus Corner Window,

High-Reaching Window by BahHaus, La-Di-Da Windows by BahHaus
Island Villa: Getaway Beach Chair
Futureshock bedroom: C-y-b-e-r Creeping Vine
Ultra Lounge: Tropical Leaves of Repose, L4 Bookshelf, Cushy Cushion Loveseat, Mirror-Mirror
Ultra Lounge Youth: Ultramodern Dresser by D. Kyle
Ultra Lounge Kitchen: Ultra Lounge Trash Compactor, “Best for Chefs” Dishwasher
Luxury Spa Set: Pillars of Lamp Light, Blank Space Window
Stancke: Forte Single Living, Cushy Cushion Loveseat,
Contemporary comfort living: Little Trees
Mid-Century Fantasy: Lookin' Fine Table Sculpture
Mid-Century Kitchen: Murano Retro and Ripe Fruit Bowl
Kingdom of Cambodia: See a Little Light Window Covering
Hewnsman set: Serious Artist's Easel
Romanza: Aromatic Décor
Front Row Center Bedroom: Rockin’ Stationary Road Case

The download-page shows the Rice paper wall from the Japanese set, which is not correct.


2013. március 17., vasárnap

Cypress Park

(no custom content - no store)

Download from the Exchange:

Fully furnished and decorated luxury modern home.
Large open-above living area with open kitchen, dining and bar.
5 bedrooms, nursery, 6 bathrooms, hobby & office, indoor pool with gym,
room for pets, garage, game-room, laundry, solarium, large terrace.
Garden with pool, spa, barbecue, pond and little playground.

NO custom content - NO Store content were used!
Playtested - upgraded.

 Created for DNA-request.

or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

This house was originally built in Starlight Shores,
but the exterior pictures were made in Hidden Springs,
because the lights are way better there than in Starlight Shores.
There are some pictures made in Sunset Valley, because the requester
gave me the info, that she will use it there.

I spent 2,5 months with this build, and hadn't updated
with the latest 2 patches to avoid any issues caused by them,
so it require the 1.47 only.

The download page info says, that Supernatural was used,
but it's not - unfortunately the site usually gives misinformation.

I was also disappointed, that some coding seems changed,
for example the bar seems unuseable when inserted into an arch,
although I've already used this technique in some of my houses,
and they always worked perfectly.
Now I had to re-design already finished areas, which is a pain
after deciding about a detail, that it's finished,
but luckily they turned fine after changing too.
I just hope, that my older houses haven't gone messed.