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Tropical Garden

(no custom content)

Fully furnished and decorated modern tropical villa.
3 bedrooms, 3,5 bathrooms. Large kitchen/dining with office-nook,
living area with bar and 1,5 bathrooms on the 1st floor.
Family room, mastersuite, sauna, laundry on the 2nd floor.
Relaxing garden with seatings, bar, barbecue, pool, spa, hobby-nook,
outdoor shower and other activies. Garage and parking spots for 4 cars.
No custom content, playtested, upgraded.

with all the large pictures
or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

The item-label on the download page misses the stuff-packs: I used Fast Lane, HELS, Town Life, Outdoor Living, Master Suite and the 70-80-90's stuff-pack. (so all except the Katy Perry ST and Diesel)

Sims3Store content:

Lucky Palms: Clearstory Rectangular Window, Clearstory 3-Tier Window,
The Wong Way Bistro Chair, Contemporary Curtains by Dave
Sunlit Tides: Sauna, Paradise Retreat Canopy Bed, Coastal Blooms,
Tropical Coconut Palm, Frangipani, Jungle Brush, Tropical Water Lily Light
Serenity Retreat: The Clever Curtain, Bird of Paradise, Keep Me Clean Outdoor Shower,
Al Fresco street market: Beautiful Bougainvillea
Olympian Phisique: Greek Window
BahHaus: Intrinsic Windows by BahHaus, BahHaus Window, BahHaus Corner Window,

High-Reaching Window by BahHaus, La-Di-Da Windows by BahHaus
Island Villa: Getaway Beach Chair
Futureshock bedroom: C-y-b-e-r Creeping Vine
Ultra Lounge: Tropical Leaves of Repose, L4 Bookshelf, Cushy Cushion Loveseat, Mirror-Mirror
Ultra Lounge Youth: Ultramodern Dresser by D. Kyle
Ultra Lounge Kitchen: Ultra Lounge Trash Compactor, “Best for Chefs” Dishwasher
Luxury Spa Set: Pillars of Lamp Light, Blank Space Window
Stancke: Forte Single Living, Cushy Cushion Loveseat,
Contemporary comfort living: Little Trees
Mid-Century Fantasy: Lookin' Fine Table Sculpture
Mid-Century Kitchen: Murano Retro and Ripe Fruit Bowl
Kingdom of Cambodia: See a Little Light Window Covering
Hewnsman set: Serious Artist's Easel
Romanza: Aromatic Décor
Front Row Center Bedroom: Rockin’ Stationary Road Case

The download-page shows the Rice paper wall from the Japanese set, which is not correct.


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  1. Válaszok
    1. Thank you so much, I'm very happy you like my new lot! :)

  2. Very beautiful house and a beautiful décor house and garden :) I love It ♥ Great job dear Ildi :) Thank you and have a nice weekend. Hugs. Niki

    1. Many thanks for your lovely words, dear! :) *hugs*

  3. It is really amazing. I love your interiors and ideas :)

    1. Thank you very much! I'm happy you like my creations :)