2012. március 31., szombat


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Fully furnished and decorated modern wood-cabin -
a living-breathing house, was built with using natural materials
and many plants in and outside. A comfortable
family home, but also a great place to make parties.

Open living areas, 4 bedrooms, 4+2 bathrooms, nursery, office,
sauna, terraces. Hobby area with gym, laundry
and a little apartment in the basement.
Garden with spa- and barbecue-areas, pool, playground and pond.

No custom content! Tested in game.
EP's/SP's and Store items were used, some of them
highly recommended for the same MOO-effect.


or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

This was the very first lot I built in sims3 (using only
the base game and WA). I decided to re-decorate it because of
some earlier used custom patterns. I didn't changed the architecture
and the exterior colours, only some windows found new place
which was neccessary for the new interior. Also added a basement.
I really think that this is my best work at this point,
I worked on it for about 3 months.

There are some things which can make the sim-life easier:
I used the buydebug trashcan on all levels, the basement and the
barbecue area also has nearly fully functional kitchen possibilities.
There are many bathrooms around the house, also a sauna
which I loved in the sims2 - I minimalized the useless space for it,
but it connected directly to the spa-area, so your sims can reach
the bathroom from there easily.
You can add the Party FFX-machine to the sauna,

as you can see it at my Holiday Retreat-lot.

There are much place in the basement and garden for hobbies.
I made a simple replica of the Fountain of Youth,
you can change it for the real one if you wish.
The burglar-alarm is on the outside wall too, it will warn
immediately when the burglar enter the lot.

Thanks to svlyn for the name.
It means 'house at the lake/sea'.
The lot placed to Hidden Springs close to the lake.

2012. március 29., csütörtök

Natalie Woods

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She was my lingerie-model for the Valentine's Day lingerie collection,
and I entered with her in a contest.

Sims3Store content:

Sara Shepard and Sara's story

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I created this sim for a friend, Sara (Sarademoor),
trying to made her Mass Effect-character to sims3.

This sim was used in the same Hero-contest as the Smallville-ones,
Sara made a gorgeous story, even built an amazing lot for her.

Please, check Sara's studio, she's an amazing creator:

Tom Welling as Clark Kent

as Clark Kent in Smallville
(no custom content)

Download from the Exchange:


I created this sim for a contest - cooperated with svlyn,
you can read her story in the previous post - here:
Lois Lane

Lois Lane and svlyn's story

played by Erica Durance in Smallville
(no custom content)

Download from the Exchange:
I created this sim for a contest - cooperated with svlyn,
who made a story with her and with my Clark Kent/Tom Welling-sim.

Please, check svlyn's amazing studio and showcase, it worth:
This is svlyn's story for the contest - Read it here -->(click)

2012. március 22., csütörtök

Holiday Retreat

(no custom content)

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This old brick house was renovated several times (by me -
this is at least the 3rd extended version), and finally finished -
 it waits for the owners to celebrate together a wonderful Christmas.
 Don't worry about the size, you will find nearly everything
your sims need for recreate and hobbies - without leaving
the warm and comfortable house.
5 levels - 3 bedrooms for 8 sims, 5 bathrooms,
open living-dining-kitchen area, winter garden,
pool/spa area with sauna, playground, hobby-room,
small stage, veggie-garden and more
still some space for anything you'd like.

No custom content or patterns!
Only a few pay store items.
Tested in game.


or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

Sauna: turn on the Party FX Machine 5950 - it was set for fog.
I added a bookshelf, so your sim won't boring while sitting there.
If you own the sauna from the store, you can just try to fit it into that room, or move the walls a bit.
Nearly all rooms have hampers, some of them below the dressers.
Both are fully functional, so you won't see clothes-piles around the house.
If you'd like to wash the clothes from the hidden ones,
click on any other viewable hamper, and the sim will collect
the clothes from all hampers on the lot.
The -3rd level's winter garden has a treasure-chest filled with dried food,
all plants are in harvestable stage (hurry to get them soon),
so your sims can fill the fridge without spending money,
and can start working on the nectar-maker skill.
I added a small trash in the last room, so inventors can start
the work without spending money too.

Notes: There are some changes after playtesting:
needed to rotate the spiral-staircases (sims stucked on the top before),
changed the endtable and shelves at the desk
(the display table didn't let the stereo to use, the endtable allows it),
but some pictures still show the old versions.

2012. március 20., kedd

Modern Zen Garden

(no custom content)

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Modern lot with oriental details - garden in- and outside.
2 bedrooms, 2,5 bathrooms, nursery, office, bar, wellness room, laundry.
Beautiful garden with pool, pavilon, hot tub,
little pond, zen garden, fountains and sculptures.

No custom content, but store items were used. Tested in game.


Click here for the SLIDESHOW - with large photos
or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

This was my entry for the 3AmigasHomeDecor competition
hosted by Carine_Braun, chuvadeprata and vasr.
Info about the contest rules:
the gorgeous modern lot-shell was built by chuvadeprata,
and participants had to furnish/decorate the interior/exterior with garden.
The only cheat allowed was the moveobjects on,
and we couldn't change or add windows/doors/arches/walls/fireplace etc.
If you'd like to use the bookshelves in the nursery,
please remove the deco-items under that.

2012. március 18., vasárnap

2012. március 17., szombat

Julien Lambert

(no custom content)

Inspired by the Jean-Claude-character
from L. K. Hamilton's Anita Blake-stories.


Download from the Exchange:

Hair and clothes from the Sims3Store:

2012. március 11., vasárnap

Suburban Tranquility

(no custom content)

Download from the Exchange:

Fully furnished and decorated family home with modern interior.
3 bedrooms, nursery, 3 bathrooms, laundry. 
Pretty garden with pool, spa- and barbecue-area.
 Everything improved to unbreakable or fireproof.
No custom content and tested in game.
Some sims3store items were used.


Click here for the SLIDESHOW with all large pictures
or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

2012. március 7., szerda

Nick Hamilton

I finished with the pictures of another family member for Lunar Lakes:

(no custom content)

Download from the Exchange:

Hair and Formal wear are from TheSims3Store:

It seems, that I always catch a wrong moment to upload to the Exchange - Nym appearead only after 3-4 hours maybe, and I saw her on the 3rd page already, and it seems the same with Nick. I don't worry too much with the download-numbers, but it's hard to see, that a creation I worked for hours just disappear in the sink.

Nym Saesh for alien-worlds

I created an alien- half-alien-family for Lunar Lakes, I made them as young-adults for the easier use - you can easily create a family with them in the CAS - so you can see how they will look after growing up. The short story behind them after the pictures. (I'll upload them to the Exchange as soon as I can finish the pictures.)

(no custom content)

Download from the Exchange:

Everyday clothes from TheSims3Store:

Nick Hamilton participated in an expedition to explore a new world/planet - Lunar Lakes -, where he met with Nym. They fall in love with each other, but after a year the expedition returned to the Earth (Sunset Valley or any other world), and Nick haven't known that Nym is pregnant. Nym tried to give everything for her twin-daughters. Aura and Aylo loved to listen the stories Nym told her about her father's world (which she'd heard from Nick). They all hope, that Nick will return sometimes.
Nick returned to the Earth after the expedition, but didn't find his own, he missed their common life with Nym. He moved all rocks to going back, and his spaceship is close to landing on Lunar Lakes. He's so excited to see Nym again, but worrying about her feelings, because she doesn't know about his arrive.
But I think their story will have a happy end - or I'd like to say happy start, because their real story will start from here.

Here's the picture of the family: