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Sara Shepard and Sara's story

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I created this sim for a friend, Sara (Sarademoor),
trying to made her Mass Effect-character to sims3.

This sim was used in the same Hero-contest as the Smallville-ones,
Sara made a gorgeous story, even built an amazing lot for her.

Please, check Sara's studio, she's an amazing creator:

Read Sara's story with pictures here -->

Mass Effect is the name of the substance that allows for further space travel
then ever. A ship goes into a mass relay and gets 'shot' through space
along a network of Mass relays. Everybody believes those relays were made
by the Protheans. An ancient extinct race of highly techological creatures.

There are little relics or ruins left, considering the impact they had,

but the few get studies and researched profusely.
The main character is Shepard. In my case, Jane Shepard.

Born to two military people through and through.
She spend her youth travelling from one space colony to another
in order to follow the deployment of her parents.
This gave Jane a real advantage. She could adapt quickly to a new

situation and she met many different species along the way,
giving her a better understanding of all the different cultures.

The Quarians and their massive fleet, who got chased off their planet

by their own made robots named the Geth.
The strong, lizard-like Krogan who could crush her with one fist.
The reluctant Turians, who were a great military force,

but weren't too keen their alliance with the humans.
There were also Salarians. Quick thinking, fast living creatures who were

renowned for their scientific research, and last but not least, the all-female race
of the Asari. Beautiful creatures that were excellent mediators.
They try real hard to keep the relations between all the species peaceful.
For more info: http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Races

When reaching adult hood, Jane made the choice to join the military also.
Quickly it became aparent that Jane had excellent leadership qualities
and so she climed the ladder. She was made commander of the Normandy
after she heroically defended a strategic position single-handedly.
Life went on until the day she was sent to Eden Prime. One of the first

human colonies in outer space. What seemed to be a routine mission
soon became a series of cataclysmic events.
The Geth had reached Eden Prime to pick up a Prothean beacon.

This was very unusual as the Geth would normally never travel beyond their
own planet system. What shows? The threat is much larger then just rogue robots.
They were enthralled by another ancient race. The Reapers.
Techological beings bent on the destruction of the entire system.
The Mass Relays weren't a product of the Protheans at all.

The Reapers had made those and allowed life to develop alongside them.
Only to come and take it away after a cycle of many millenia
to bolster their own existence.

This is the story so far.

Mass Effect 3 will take the battle to Earth where the Reapers themselves attack.
The game is not released yet but I assume Shepard will save the day
and my story is set after Mass Effect 3.

After a life as a spacer, going from one colony to another,
Shepard moved to Earth. The Alliance of humanity had rewarded her nicely
for saving their world and the rest of the universe.
She bought a small, but luxurious house in Hidden Springs.

Far away from the bustle of the cities.

Download this lot from Sara's studio:


Shepard would fill her days with much needed relaxation.
She finally had the time to read a book, learn to cook.
The smaller things in life everyone took for granted.

During one of her ventures into town, she saw a house on fire.
You can take the girl out of the Military, but you can't take the military out
of the girl. As quick as her feet could carry her she rushed towards it.

It was the Preston place. Their little boy Jake was beside himself.
"Help me ma'am! The house, fire, please!"
He stuttered, the blind panic apparant on the boy's face.

Without a moment's thought Jane stormed in.
One of her great features was that she could size up a situation at a glace.
She grabbed one of the extinguishers and ran towards the dining room.
It was ablaze. The heat and soot made it difficult to breathe. 

It already spread upstairs and when the dining room
was somewhat under control she rushed up.

So she kept it in check untill the firefighters arrived.

Evening fell when the fire was completely under control. Eventhough she
didn't have to be there, she saw the situation through till the end.

Relieved little Jake fell into her arms.

"Thank you so much." he whispered.
It wasn't untill now that she noticed how tired she was.
At home she just went straight for bed and slept till the late morning
of the next day. That night her rest was not peaceful however.
What if she didn't pass the Preston's house? What if she was too late?
It was then she came to a conclusion. She wouldn't go back into the military.
Those days were behind her. No, there was another task ahead of her.
Global heroics, she'd been there, done that. It was time to become a local hero.
One that would save you when your house was on fire.
One that would erradicate your wasp nests and get the kittens out of the trees.
She looked in the mirror, wearing her new attire.
It was another uniform, but she would wear this one also with pride!

Updating with Sara's fantastic new Mass-Effect-build:

The Normandy

Download from the Exchange:

More pictures here:

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