2012. március 20., kedd

Modern Zen Garden

(no custom content)

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Modern lot with oriental details - garden in- and outside.
2 bedrooms, 2,5 bathrooms, nursery, office, bar, wellness room, laundry.
Beautiful garden with pool, pavilon, hot tub,
little pond, zen garden, fountains and sculptures.

No custom content, but store items were used. Tested in game.


Click here for the SLIDESHOW - with large photos
or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

This was my entry for the 3AmigasHomeDecor competition
hosted by Carine_Braun, chuvadeprata and vasr.
Info about the contest rules:
the gorgeous modern lot-shell was built by chuvadeprata,
and participants had to furnish/decorate the interior/exterior with garden.
The only cheat allowed was the moveobjects on,
and we couldn't change or add windows/doors/arches/walls/fireplace etc.
If you'd like to use the bookshelves in the nursery,
please remove the deco-items under that.


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