2012. április 13., péntek

Pretty Woman Salon

(no custom content)

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Stay in style in this elegant salon, which is not only a boutique,
if offers everything your sims desire to renew themselves:
beauty salon, solarium, manicure, styling station, pool, spa, tattoo,
gym, sauna, gift shop, hairdresser, babysitting, café and more.

No custom content, some sims3store items were used.
Created for a contest. Built in Sunset Valley, close to the sea.
 Based on my Mall-WIP's French-boutique.

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2 megjegyzés:

  1. Imoger, this build is absolutely gorgeous. It looks SO relaxing, the colours you use always make me feel warm and fuzzy <3
    The layout is great and it certainly has a wonderful salon vibe about it.
    Where is that lovely doll from?


  2. Hi, sweetie! So sorry for the late reply, I just found my new comments here!
    I'm so glad you like it! The doll is from the Showtime EP - misc.decor.