2012. február 11., szombat


Welcome on my page! Here you'll find my sims3-creations with many pictures. Feel free to leave me a feedback about my work.
I will update this blog with my new and also my old creations as my free time allows it - till that please visit my showcase-thread on the official sims3-forum in the creative-corner - the link is on the top of my blog.

5 megjegyzés:

  1. I want to see some creations!

  2. I'm with Yoteish :D

  3. Bump!! Oh wait I'm going to send you an email everyday until I see this blog come to life mwahahah

  4. yesss you did it!! Awww (hug)
    to upload a template is very simple, I shall email you some details as soon as I eat something xxx