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(no custom content)

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Fully furnished and decorated modern wood-cabin -
a living-breathing house, was built with using natural materials
and many plants in and outside. A comfortable
family home, but also a great place to make parties.

Open living areas, 4 bedrooms, 4+2 bathrooms, nursery, office,
sauna, terraces. Hobby area with gym, laundry
and a little apartment in the basement.
Garden with spa- and barbecue-areas, pool, playground and pond.

No custom content! Tested in game.
EP's/SP's and Store items were used, some of them
highly recommended for the same MOO-effect.


or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

This was the very first lot I built in sims3 (using only
the base game and WA). I decided to re-decorate it because of
some earlier used custom patterns. I didn't changed the architecture
and the exterior colours, only some windows found new place
which was neccessary for the new interior. Also added a basement.
I really think that this is my best work at this point,
I worked on it for about 3 months.

There are some things which can make the sim-life easier:
I used the buydebug trashcan on all levels, the basement and the
barbecue area also has nearly fully functional kitchen possibilities.
There are many bathrooms around the house, also a sauna
which I loved in the sims2 - I minimalized the useless space for it,
but it connected directly to the spa-area, so your sims can reach
the bathroom from there easily.
You can add the Party FFX-machine to the sauna,

as you can see it at my Holiday Retreat-lot.

There are much place in the basement and garden for hobbies.
I made a simple replica of the Fountain of Youth,
you can change it for the real one if you wish.
The burglar-alarm is on the outside wall too, it will warn
immediately when the burglar enter the lot.

Thanks to svlyn for the name.
It means 'house at the lake/sea'.
The lot placed to Hidden Springs close to the lake.

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