2014. január 13., hétfő

Villa Harmonia

(no custom content)

Fully furnished and decorated comfortable family home.
Some kind of old and new togerher - I designed the way like there was
an old part with the tower (the right side), and the house was extended
and renovated/modernized for the new owners but with the respect of the
tradition - although the kids got a bit more modern and colourful design.

3 bedrooms plus nursery, 2+2 half bathrooms.
1st floor: Open living/dining area, large kitchen with bar,
tower for painting, master bedroom with own bath.
2nd floor: Family room and small office in the tower,
colourful kids play-room and 2 bedrooms + nursery.
Beautiful garden with outdoor kitchen/barbecue, pool,
spa, bar, fire-pit, golf and playground.
Garage for hobbies and laundry,
parking for one car and another outside.

No custom content! No CAP patterns! Store items were used.
Playtested, upgraded (fireproof and unbreakable). Costs about 250.000 S
Created for a DNA-request.

Originally was built in Hidden Springs (my fav world for creating),
but some pictures were made in Sunlit Tides to show, how it would look
in more tropical surrounding

 Sims3store content:
Ultra lounge - Protective Fence Ultra lounge youth - Double frame photo, The Prodigy Contemporary - Comfy couch with Slipcover,
Aria Window Dressing, Little trees, Reed Basket Romanza set - Aromatic Décor Haute Hacienda - Desert Oasis Floral Vase Versailles - Candle Maker's delight Technophobe no more - Technophobic's Terror Television Farm Fresh Folk - They Don't Build 'em Like They Used To Coffee Table,
Country Candelabra, A Bust of Some Famous Guy Jazz age - On The Level Bookshelf, The Dramatic Palm Zen again - Reach for the Heavens Indulgent - Lovely Loveseat Bayside - Palm in Vase Futureshock bedroom - C y b e r Creeping Vine Animals Abound Playground Bed and bath - Jungle Cheer painting Critter Comforts - Little Princess Girl's Toybox Forest Bedroom - Animal Friends Activity Table Panda & Friends - Panda Toybox Wilderness Dreaming - Wilderness Crib Nautical Living - Miniature Sailboat Through the Spy Glass bath - Almost Alive Hamper Toyota Prius Family Pack - Pile 'o Outdoor Activities (free) Venues and Worlds: Stones Throw Greenhouse - Greenhouse Window Al Fresco Street Market - Perpetual Wall Ivy, Perfect Wall Ivy Sunlit Tides - Coastal Blooms, Frangipani Aurora Skies - Fjordsnord Tier 2 shelves Tiny Prodigies Early Learning Center - Funny Floral Rug Midnight Hollow - Pretty Porch Fencing, Star-shaped rug, Wrought Iron Spiral stairs, Haunted Pansies, Bear-toy Toyshop - Tiny Tot Toy Shelf, toys and balloons (by the toy-machine) Back to Skool-set was not used, the page shows it not correctly!

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  1. My dear Ildi ♥It is sooooo beautiful ♥ love it ♥ I wish you and your family a wonderful week , hugs ♥

  2. Beautiful house with a nice garden :) The interior is very gorgeous . Great job and beautiful presentation dear Ildi ♥ Thank you for sharing. Have a nice week. Hugs Niki