2014. július 25., péntek

Sims4 CAS - Playing with genetics

Today I tested the 'playing with genetics' option in the Sims4 CAS-demo.
I was curious where it will lead if I don't always using
the first sim to create sisters/brothers, instead always the next one.
There are less deformed sims like in sims3, but of course they all needed
more or less editing, especially the male-sim.

I forgot to take screenshots before editing them, but I went back to CAS to try
to re-do the line with the genetics-tool, so these pre-made pictures shows nearly
the same effect where I started the first time.
The only sim I was unable to re-create something similar is Lisa,
so probably I was really lucky to get her the first time.

This is Gladys - I created her editing the first Maxis-sim
the CAS offered from the Library, Cassidy Purdue

Cassidy Purdue:

Then I choosed to create Gladys' sister - Amanda.
I didn't used the twin-option, but I got a very similar face,
so actually I had to edit Amanda to look a bit different.
Some days ago I tried to create a twin of a sim, and the 2 sims were
still different a bit - so not sure if the twin options work as intended.

Amanda pre-editing:


Then I choosed Amanda to create her brother - Peter.
This was the 'weak part' similar like in Sims3,
because the gender-change worked fine only in Sims2,
and it's still not the best with Sims4.

I got a truly rectangle head for Peter, and his face was weird -
after removing the big beard he got randomly, I found that
he shows a bit similarity to his sister, but not the fine way - lol.
I had to make the most editing on him.

Peter before editing
with beard, and the view after removing it
LOL and OMG, the beard really hide a lot...

Peter after editing:

Then I choosed Peter to create a sister - Lisa.
The less editing needed on her, I made only a fine tuning
on the details of her face,
because I really liked the face I got.

I think, they all look similar, but also different,
like real brothers/sisters.

I'm still waiting for to see how my sims lookin-game,
as my Sims3-sims pictures were made also in-game,
because they look a bit different than in CAS.

The most make-up we have is useless!
There are a few eyeshadows which are useable with shape and colours,
but eyeliners, blush, and lipsticks... no comment,
and actually sometimes 'no using' at all, as you can see.

And if the Purdue-family was already mentioned,
this is Steve I created with editing Ollie Purdue:

Ollie Purdue - a Maxis pre-made sim I used to create Steve:

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  1. I'm not sure if the post went the first time dear if it did you can just take this one down!!

    I love love all the Sims you are making with TS4 demo dear, you do an awesome job! You know you are awesome don't you?

    1. Thank you very much, dear Bree, you're so kind! *hugs*