2016. április 9., szombat

Bamboo Valley - for Sims 4

Bamboo Valley - Sims4 version
(no custom content, no moveobjects)

Bungalow type home with 2 bedrooms, 1,5 bathrooms, open living areas.

No custom content or moveobject cheat used.
I own Get To Work, Outdoor Retreat, Cool Kitchen and Spooky stuff.
I cant say Im back to creating, but I felt the mood to try something in sims 4,
so thought to convert my sims3 Bamboo Valley for this game.

The Sims3 version can check here:

Bamboo Valley for Sims3

This is my very first try to build in sims4, although I own the game since the first day,
but installed it only after a year, and also havent touched it since that.

Im not really delightened with the result, I felt so limited with the item/colour-choices,
as also many other things. Using MOO probably could help, but I read that there can be
some issues with items disappearing on lots where MOO was used, so I just decided to not go with that.

I own only a few additional content, what I listed above, maybe will buy more later, but I just cannot warm up
for this game as much as I put my heart and time into my sims3 creations.

With Sims4 I feel that nothing matches - most of the colours are not really my style, as also the whole colour scheme.
If I find a fine-ish one, probably wont find something which fits to it for the other items with the same style.
Cannot even tag this as "asian inspired" cause I found nothing to make it look like any similar as my Sims3 version
I didnt even find a nice pastel yellow for the exterior walls, what shows pastell yellow when I choosed,
that looks that blue-white you can see on pic. Even wall coverings so limited, that you cannot change any bit.
Why there is a basic one with white trim, and none with dark?
Why theres nothing similar roof colour like the base game one I used on my sims3? Questions....
Kind of feel they picked items colours and styles randomly, cause even same looking styled items' colours dont match.
Kinda annoying that you cannot place 2-3 items beside each other, cause one of them black-black,
one is gray-black other is blue-black, and the result is a mess.

The challenge is not with building something, rather to find stuff which doesnt look like a
mess when put together, as also to create something which look kind of individual/unique.

Im probably late with my complains, cause everyone already over this. lol

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