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Villa Palma

(no custom content)

Download from the Exchange:

Fully furnished and decorated luxury villa
with modern mediterranean interiors.
4 bedrooms, 5+ bathrooms, livingroom,
open kitchen/dining/family-room, office, garage, hobby-areas.
Master bedroom with connected zen-room.
Beautiful garden with pool, barbecue-area and many outdoor activities.

No custom content and tested in game.
All appliances upgraded to unbreakable, the price is fully depreciated.
Created for a DNA-request.

or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

See the requested inspiration-pic here:
Originally was build in Hidden Springs, but it would look great in other
tropic/mediterranean worlds too, like Starlight Shores or Sunlit Tides.

I created a small area with a fire-pit, which can turn into a sauna-place if you'd like,
or with removing the lounge-chairs from the zen-room, the sauna can go there too.
There's an empty spot for the climbing-wall too (it was requested),
it's at the right side fence - a path leads there.

There's a radio on the 2nd floor - close to the spiral-chair,
hidden inside the 3-tile wide flower-deco under the windows,
it's the "rock"-one, and I recoloured it green, so a bit hard to see.
I didn't like the look of any electronics there, but I wanted to put
something like this there too for the requester,
who doesn't like the excercise-machines/gym.

I hope you will find this lot not only pretty, but comfortable to play.
Although it's a large house, but I always take extra care
to avoid items to hide each other, makes things uncomfortable to access.
Sometimes it's not always possible, but I try to make it as less as I can,
even with giving up my plans with the design.
Most of my houses' recommended gameplay-view is from the backyard.

List of the used store items:

Contemporary Comfort Bedroom: Porterman Glass Doors
Ultra Lounge: Orchids of Many; Cushy Cushion Loveseat;
ULounge Kitchen: Ultra Lounge Trash Compactor; “Best for Chefs” Dishwasher
Mid-Century Fantasy: In Orbit Blinds; Starburst Clock (free)
Jazz Age: The Dramatic Palm; Ritzy Taste Coffee Table
Futureshock Bedroom: C yber Creeping Vine
Futureshock Kitchen: Flux Flora
Haute Hacienda: Artful Adobe Arched Window
Kingdom of Cambodia Bedroom: See a Little Light Window Covering
India Inspired Bedroom: Eri Silk Drapes
Asian Fusion: Potted Orchids Divine
Japanese Inspired Living: Japanese Inspired Artwork
Zen Again: Eastern Ambiance Wall Lamp
Bonsai tree (it was free to download in-game formerly)
Hollywood Regency Den: Narcissa Mirror; Le Ecoute Moderne Chess Table
Hollywood Regency Arcade (
Muse Luxury: That's my Dame Table Sculpture; Artemis Temple Frieze;

Dionysus Sofa; Grecian Chair
Olympian Physique (items)
Luxe Lounge Spa: Lazy Sim Sofa Table; Futuristic Comfort loungechair
Luxury Spa: Beauty Revealed Armoir; Not Quite Water Wave Bed; Mounted Fireplace

 Indulgent Living: Zirconium Chandelier
Club Vaindenburger: VDB Overhead Cabinet
Bah-haus: Immaculate window
Let There be Sims: Beautiful Forest by Pigula Photography (free)
Sun, Surf and Sand: Getaway Dining Chair, Simple Beach Chair, Love Seat Retreat
Bayside: Vorn Sink

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