2012. október 27., szombat

Sunshine Terrace

(no custom content)

Fully furnished and decorated modern 'high-end resort'-style home.
2 bedrooms with corner-bathtubs included, 3,5 bathrooms, laundry and

an additional apartment in the basement for a butler or for 2 more sims.
Large entertainment and recreation area: bar, wine-cellar with nectar-maker,
pool-table, sauna, massage, gym, concert-room,
and nearly all hobbies represented.
Stylish garden with barbecue, pool, spa, bar and golf.

All appliances upgraded unbreakable,
the price is depreciated, so cost less simoleons.
No custom content, and tested in the game.
Store content were used, but most of them easily re-placeable

with similar furnitures I left around the the house
(in the basement-apartment and in the 'yellow' bedroom).

or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

Originally built in (and for) Lucky Palms, but for making it fit it in
any other worlds, I removed it to Hidden Springs to finish the landscaping.
The conception was to make a bit desert-like front-view, and
a more exotic style in the backyard for the 'guests' to enjoy the luxury.
The butler's apartment was built with the same thought, but of course
it can be use for any other sim(s), or if you'd like to play with a family,
it can be turn for kids' needs - they even can have play area
instead of the kitchen/living.

List of the used store-items:

Futureshock Bedroom: Cyber Creeping Vine    
Futureshock Kitchen: Alpha Amplitude Dishwasher, Resonant Ice Receptacle, Flux Flora,

Cosmic Culinary Range, Capacitor Island, Capacitor Counter, Capacitor Cabinet
Futureshock Living: Replicated Reflection,
BahHaus: Abstract by BahHaus    
Collectionne Stancke: Everybody Vauntz, Tuco Table, The Modernist's Dresser
Ultra Lounge: Cushy Cushion Chair, Cushy Cushion Loveseat, Elegant Swirls Lite,

Elegant Swirls Wide, L4 Bookshelf, Exclamation Point, Monte's Dresser
Haute Hip: Haute Hip Curtain Collection V.1, Haute Hip Curtain Collection V.2,
Mid-Century Living: Forever Living Plant    
Mid-Century Dining: Plant Pocket, Fab Ficus
Mid-Century Modern Bathroom: Wall Mount Towel Stackomatic
Sunlit Tides: Steam-It-Up Sauna,
Serenity Retreat: Infinite Zen Massage Table, Bird of Paradise, Swiss Cheese Plant
Lucky Palms: Yucca Plant without Blossoms, Yucca Plant with Blossoms, Weather Blocker,

Contemporary Curtains by Dave, The Wong Way Bistro Table, The Wong Way Bistro Chair
Las Vegas Bedroom: Spades in Sight Desk
Luxe Lounge Spa: Rock All Night
Luxury Spa Set: Polished Pebbles Mirror
Zen Again: Spa Necessities    
Hewnsman: Serious Artist's Easel
Japanese Inspired Modern Compillation: Yang Modern Chair, Japanese Inspired Artwork
Kingdom of Cambodia Bedr: See a Little Light Window Covering, Look Out from Within Window
Gothic Glamour Home Office: Ataxophobia Away Bookcase

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  1. Wow - that looks absolutely amazing, Ildi! I'm reserving a rec for it once you've uploaded it;)

  2. Adorei o design da casa, os tons suaves dessa cor doce salmão deram origem a um ambiente calmo e relaxante. Adorei também o jardim. Parabéns pelo magnífico trabalho.

  3. @Wibs: Thank you very much for the kind words, and also the recommend! :) *hugs*

    @Beaz: Muito obrigado pelas amáveis ​​palavras, eu estou tão feliz que você gosta da minha casa nova! :) *Beijos!*
    (Traduzido com o google)

  4. Wow~~~ It is beautiful! How I wish I can create one like that.

  5. @pinkdoll1989: Hi and welcome on my blog! Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you like my creation! :)