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Ben Harper

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I created this sim for a Thanksgiving-contest.

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Ben has always lived in Appaloosa Plains as have his parents,
grandparents, and all of his ancestors. Throughout his childhood,
Ben would visit his grandfather in the hills and listen intently
as the older man told him tales of the olden days as the orange
and yellow flames from the fire-pit danced before them.
These stories of courageous and daring heroes gave Ben the desire
to do brave things. Ben played sports and has always loved horses
and horseback riding. Ben feels best when he is in the open air.

When his grandfather became very old, Ben desperately tried
to persuade him to move to the edge of the city. One day,
a serious fire nearly burned Ben’s grandfather’s home to the ground,
but Ben was there and he was able to bravely put out the fire.

Although Ben did put out the fire, the home was in ruins
and uninhabitable. Ben realized that the old days with his
grandfather were over. The fire inspired Ben to want to become
a firefighter and bravely save others from the ravages of fire.
Ben planned to perform the brave acts
which he had only dreamed of before.
Ben studied and worked hard in school to graduate
as the school valedictorian.
Finally, Ben passed the endurance training and written exams
to become a firefighter for the city of Appaloosa Plains.

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