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Holiday Retreat

(no custom content)

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This old brick house was renovated several times (by me -
this is at least the 3rd extended version), and finally finished -
 it waits for the owners to celebrate together a wonderful Christmas.
 Don't worry about the size, you will find nearly everything
your sims need for recreate and hobbies - without leaving
the warm and comfortable house.
5 levels - 3 bedrooms for 8 sims, 5 bathrooms,
open living-dining-kitchen area, winter garden,
pool/spa area with sauna, playground, hobby-room,
small stage, veggie-garden and more
still some space for anything you'd like.

No custom content or patterns!
Only a few pay store items.
Tested in game.


or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

Sauna: turn on the Party FX Machine 5950 - it was set for fog.
I added a bookshelf, so your sim won't boring while sitting there.
If you own the sauna from the store, you can just try to fit it into that room, or move the walls a bit.
Nearly all rooms have hampers, some of them below the dressers.
Both are fully functional, so you won't see clothes-piles around the house.
If you'd like to wash the clothes from the hidden ones,
click on any other viewable hamper, and the sim will collect
the clothes from all hampers on the lot.
The -3rd level's winter garden has a treasure-chest filled with dried food,
all plants are in harvestable stage (hurry to get them soon),
so your sims can fill the fridge without spending money,
and can start working on the nectar-maker skill.
I added a small trash in the last room, so inventors can start
the work without spending money too.

Notes: There are some changes after playtesting:
needed to rotate the spiral-staircases (sims stucked on the top before),
changed the endtable and shelves at the desk
(the display table didn't let the stereo to use, the endtable allows it),
but some pictures still show the old versions.


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