2012. március 29., csütörtök

Natalie Woods

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She was my lingerie-model for the Valentine's Day lingerie collection,
and I entered with her in a contest.

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  1. OMG Imoger, you've been SO busy!!
    Your blog looks absolutely fantastic, I love seeing all of your creations in one place. Have you made a banner for the forums yet?
    I also love that you have some creations from some of our other friends. That's a really nice touch. I'm going to send you a little email now xx

  2. Thank you, sweetie! Today I had no inspiration to follow the work on my WIP, so I decided to slowly add new posts here with my earlier creations. (although the blogger driving me crazy, I often don't understand why some things works sometimes/why not) For example, I'm unable to break the post as I see on your blog - when I want only the first picture on the main page, and would like a 'read more' option.
    Can't wait to read your mail. :)