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Suburban Tranquility

(no custom content)

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Fully furnished and decorated family home with modern interior.
3 bedrooms, nursery, 3 bathrooms, laundry. 
Pretty garden with pool, spa- and barbecue-area.
 Everything improved to unbreakable or fireproof.
No custom content and tested in game.
Some sims3store items were used.


Click here for the SLIDESHOW with all large pictures
or watch the smaller pictures below (use the arrows)

There are place up to 7 sims, but you can easily add an 'upper'-bed to one of the kids-room's bed and copy the style from the existing ones.
The loveseat/endtable/mirror combination in the hall is a 'reading nook' - I wanted it to be useful, so I moved the bookcase from the living room there, and my testsim usually used it to sit down and read. Unfortunately the standing-mirror is not accessible because of the endtable - this is the only non-useable thing in the house. But there are more mirrors around the home, so it's a small price I paid for it.
I built this lot in Riverview, but most of the pictures were made in Hidden Springs.

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